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How Mist Systems Work

The cooling power of misting system is based on the process of atomizing water droplets to a size that can quickly evaporate. Water is forced through a specially designed high pressure nozzle to create an ultra fine fog that rapidly absorbs heat and cools surrounding air as it evaporates.

Mist Systems work by forcing water through our specially designed mist nozzles. This produces a fog-like mist of ultra fine water droplets that average 25 microns or less in size. High pressure mist cooling reduces the droplet size even further, to as small as 5 microns. Using just one gallon of water, our mist systems create a surface area larger than a football field. As you can imagine, the rate of evaporation is extremely fast.
During this rapid evaporation process, the "fog" of minute water droplets quickly absorbs the energy (heat) in the environment and evaporates, turning into water vapor (gas). The energy (the heat) that is used to convert the water into a gas is eliminated, whereby the air in the environment is cooled.


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