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How to Make an Outdoor Cooling System

Cool your outdoor living space up to 25 degrees on a hot day with an outdoor cooling system. According to the Front Porch Ideas and More website, an outdoor cooling system like a mister system is simple to make with tubing, fittings and a garden hose. The only cost besides purchasing materials for the system is a gallon of water per hour, which is cheaper than running your air conditioner for the same period of time. Other People Are Reading.

  1. Measure the outdoor area you need to cool. The measurements will help you determine how much PVC pipe you need to purchase. Buy extra in case there are any cutting errors.
  2. Buy at least two mist sprayer heads per 10 feet of PVC pipe.
  3. Use a tape measure to mark the pipes every 10 inches. This is where you will place the mist sprayer heads. You can increase or decrease the number of mist sprayer heads if you want more or less mist.
  4. Drill a hole into the marks you made on the pipes. The holes shouldn't go through the pipe, but should only go from the outside of one side into the center. Drill one hole first and then test it with water to see if the size you drilled will be appropriate for your desired misting effect.
  5. Screw each mist sprayer head into a hole until all have been inserted.
  6. Apply PVC cement on each edge of the PVC pipes. Then, use PVC connectors to connect the lengths of pipes. PVC connectors are sold in the same place where you buy your PVC pipe. Then use a PVC plug on one end of the length of connected pipes so water does not drain out that side. All the mist sprayer heads should point in the same direction.
  7. Attach your hose connector to the open end of your connected pipes. Use PVC cement to secure the fitting.
  8. Attach your outdoor cooling system to your roof or patio covering with pipe straps. You'll need an extra set of hands to hold the pipe while you attach it. Then simply screw your water hose into the PVC pipe and turn on the water.

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