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How to Cool the Outdoors With a Misting System

1. Choose a high quality misting system.

We have all seen those cheap misters at the big box stores. They basically just work as mini-sprinklers. They cool you by getting you wet. Higher pressure allows smaller nozzles and a finer spray. The micro fine droplets evaporate into the air, and amazing cooling happens when evaporation takes place. Its the same way an evaporative cooler works. Evaporation of water actually USES heat, and with a million droplets in the air, big time cooling can result.


2. Get some help with the design of the system.

Don't just buy one off of the rack. If you get the wrong setup, it can result in too little cooling, or too much wetting. A good system should take into account the humidity and temperature in your area. Also the height of the installation, and how many feet of misting lines, and so forth. Normally the design help is free. Some sites have "Build your System" tools, or something similar. Just avoid those cheap discount sites, where you pick one and go.


3. Completely surround your patio for patio misting systems.

What you want is a "curtain of mist." Installing the lines all the way around traps the cooler air in, and keeps the hot air out. The result is a nice cool oasis from the heat on the patio.



Buy some extra nozzles. Get a set of mist nozzles at a smaller size. On more humid days, the smaller nozzles will keep your patio dry, when full evaporation might normally be difficult in the humidity.

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