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How to Build a Misting Irrigation System

One way to get water to your plants in your greenhouse and save money as well is to install a misting irrigation system.
These systems use as little as three gallons of water per hour. When putting your system together, use nozzles that adjust from one gallon per hour for cooling to three gallons per hour for misting seeds and plant cuttings.
Use thread sealer tape on all the threaded adapters whether they are on the copper fittings or the threaded PVC adapters.
Cut the irrigation pipes to length. Measure the length of the area needing the mist irrigation. Cut the pipe with PVC pipe cutters to the lengths needed. Cut the pipes as straight as you can.
Join the pipe sections with coupler fittings to reach each mist nozzle location. Clean the debris from the cut ends of the pipes. Apply PVC primer to the pipe and the connector to remove the manufacturer's labels and soften the pipe. Apply the PVC glue immediately after applying the primer to the pipe and inside the connector. Push the connector onto the end of the pipe and twist it 1/4 turn to ensure the bond.
Install the tees and mist nozzles. Install a tee on the PVC pipe everywhere a mist nozzle is needed for the best irrigation. Use the primer and glue as you did with the joints. Measure and cut short lengths of pipe to position the mist nozzles to get the best results.
Add a water solenoid valve. Secure the water solenoid valve on the end of the system where the water supply enters the system. The solenoid comes with all the needed adapters for the best connection. Most filters have a pipe fitting on one end and threads on the other end. Use thread sealer tape on all the threaded connections.
Glue end caps and threaded adapters. The end caps install on the end of each run or the end of the irrigation system. They glue in just as the other PVC pipe fittings did. Install the adapter on the end of the system for the water connection.
Filter the water before it reaches the solenoid valve. Connect the filter to the pipe coming out from the solenoid valve. Install the water supply to the threaded end of the filter.

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