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How to Make Mist Cooling Fans

  1. Place the unplugged fan flat on a floor or table workspace. The fan should be off and the front of the fan should face up.
  2. Place the low pressure tubing into the small side of the faucet adapter. This step may already be completed if you purchased a misting fan kit, rather than the pieces separately.
  3. Install the push-lock connector onto the misting ring by pushing the tubing completely into the push-lock connector. Pull gently to make sure the tubing is attached well. Once the connector is attached, use plumber's tape to wrap it two to three times. Again, this step may be already completed if you purchased a kit.
  4. Center the misting ring on the fan that is laid flat. Ensure the nozzles are pointing up, away from the motor of the fan.
  5. Thread the zip ties around the misting ring and fan metal to attach the ring to the front grill of the fan. Thread the flat ends of the zip ties through the square and pull them tight to hold the misting ring centered.
  6. Set the fan upright to ensure the misting ring is attached well. Cut the zip tie ends close to the fan using scissors, but leave a small extra piece to make sure the tie is not cut open.
  7. Plug the fan into a ground fault outlet. Attach the tubing with the water faucet connector to the water faucet you will be using with the fan.
  8. Turn the fan on to the desired setting. Turn the faucet on to begin the flow of water. The fan should begin to mist the desired area.


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