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How Misting Nozzles Are Used in Outdoor Misting Systems

People who are aware of the working of outdoor misting systems will know that the misting nozzle is the heart and lungs of a misting system. The function of the misting nozzle is to convert water into a fine mist (measurable in microns) by using high pressure. As the water droplets coming out of the nozzles have to be fine, the holes in the nozzles are made exceptionally small.

When the water gushes through the misting nozzles, it gets vaporized and this process is called flash evaporation. Due to this process, a mist is created that enables the area to become cool and humid. These types of misting systems are widely used in residences as also in many commercial establishments to ward off the oppressive heat of the sun particularly during summer months.

The other important components of outdoor misting systems are the misting fans and mist line systems. The misting fans have proved to be highly helpful in green houses, horticultural areas, livestock cooling, dust control, sporting arena etc.

One of the likely problems when using misting nozzles is that the orifices through which the water passes through can easily become clogged - though misting nozzles have a filtration system to catch fine particles. There are also high quality misting nozzles that come with a double filter system.

The nozzles have to be periodically removed and cleaned as they are prone to clogging. They will however have to be replaced if broken or if they become worn out with age.

When you want to clean the misting nozzles to improve its performance, you should remove them from the line and soak them in a container of a vinegar solution diluted with water. Alternatively you can use mist nozzle cleaners that will also prove effective in loosening any debris.

After the nozzles are left soaking overnight, you can remove them give the heads a light tap to further help loosen the dust particles. A second swirl around in the same solution should completely eradicate any remaining deposits.

When cleaning misting nozzles, never use pins or sharp nails as that will damage the nozzle and render it ineffective. Brushing with a light brush should suffice to remove the clogging.

Misting nozzles made of brass, ceramic and plastic are available in the market. Possibly brass misting nozzle that is completely made of brass will give you reliable performance for many years. The ceramic nozzle may be entirely ceramic or made with brass or stainless steel coating and with a ceramic insert.

The size of the droplets of a ceramic mist nozzle would be as small as 1-3 microns compared to the 7-10 microns of a brass mist nozzle. Because of this relatively smaller water droplet, the required water pressure to achieve flash evaporation is minimized. An added advantage of using a ceramic orifice is that there is less wear and tear than with other materials.

Misting nozzles come in different sizes and angle ranges and are also capable of functioning at varying PSI levels ranging from 30-250.

There is provision for adjustability as some places may need more cooling compared to certain other places. The strength of the water that is forced through the nozzle would obviously determine the quantum of water that needs to pass through the misting nozzle. The misting nozzles can be suitably changed according to the needs.


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