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How to Create Fog Effects With a Misting System

Fog effects created by misting systems serve more of a functional than a decorative purpose, although the appearance of some fog effects can enhance an area's appeal. Fog effects cool surrounding air by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, they increase the comfort level of outdoor environments by reducing the odors of stables and back yards with numerous pets. The vaporized water also reduces the amount of dust and allergens in the air by clinging to it and bringing it to the ground. For merely decorative purposes, a misting system can turn a backyard pond or waterfall into a beautiful tropical view.
Things You'll Need
•       Misting system
•       High-pressure pump (1,000 psi)
•       Stainless steel tubing
•       Plans for placement of system
•       Fan
Design the layout for function. Draw out the plan and purpose for your fog effects system. If you are trying to keep an outdoor area where you entertain guests cool, the misting pipes or tubes and nozzles will have to be just overhead. If you are trying to keep an animal enclosure odor reduced and the dust or hay in the air to manageable levels, the tubes will have to be located relatively close to the area where the animals are located. If you are attempting to keep an area with plants cool and healthy in an arid environment, the tubing can be placed along the ground around the roots and bases of the plants. You can also place them just above the ground to give the appearance of a mist rising up in the center of your oasis.

Choose additional nozzles for a more concentrated area to create a thicker looking fog bank. One nozzle for each 24 inches cools an area and helps clean the air. Adding another three nozzles for the same area creates an output of more mist and more closely resembles a fog-bank pouring over the area. This helps turn a good-looking landscaped area into a mysterious mist-scaped area.

Add a misting fan in the same area of the nozzles to force the mist created downward. Some misting systems allow you to adjust the placement of the nozzles and the fan addition to pull the mist downward and directed into the areas in which you want to have the fog effect. How you secure the fan to the area depends of course on the structure surrounding it. The fans that are sold with misting systems come with a base that can be secured to a beam with screws. You cannot purchase just any store-bought fan and use it to save money; the mixture of even the slightest amount of moisture with an electric fan could cause a dangerous situation.

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