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What an Outdoor Cooling System Can Do For Your Home and Business

Summer months bring with it sometimes unbearably hot temperatures, especially here in the Valley of the Sun. The fact that we live in the desert, we also have to deal with lack of moisture in the air. An outdoor cooling system can bring down the temperature while bringing some much-needed moisture to the air, making outdoor activity that much more pleasurable and more likely. Physical discomfort is instantly eliminated, bringing the outdoor areas of your home or business a feeling of comfort and functionality.
Good for Business
Outdoor cooling systems continue to be an indispensable upgrade to outdoor areas chosen by builders, architects and developers that work on residential and commercial design projects. These can include hotels and resorts, sports arenas, event venues, theme parks, restaurants and bars, golf courses, retail centers and more. Having a business in an area plagued by heat, an outdoor cooling system is an essential investment; a reasonably small investment for the return you will receive. Customers are much more drawn to an outdoor patio or bar when they know it will be a cool, comfortable experience they will enjoy. More customers mean more profit for your business. Where air conditioning is not really an option, you can create a cool, relaxing area only an outdoor misting system can provide.
Plants and Animals
The benefits to plants and gardens are being recognized, being used in more greenhouses and plant nurseries. Plants and gardens will thrive without having to fight the harsh elements, making many plants a viable option that were not before. Many people use misting systems to keep their greenhouses cool and thriving in a climate-controlled environment. Animals can be greatly affected by these the cooling of evaporated water, so more and more equestrian centers, dairies, etc. are implementing misting systems. Patio and backyard misting systems keep domesticated animals cool and comfortable.
Home Comfort
Your home should be your sanctuary. A place you gather with family and friends. You want everyone to be comfortable and enjoy being outdoors as you visit or play. Increasing amounts of private residences are including cooling systems to their outdoor environments. By having a high quality misting system professionally installed at your residence, your family and guests can enjoy hours of fun outside, even during the hottest of months. Patios, poolside, backyard, walkways, barn and garden can all be instantly cooled down between 25 and 35 degrees and becomes an entirely additional living atmosphere to be enjoyed year-round. Cooling and adding moisture to the air is not the only comfort benefit to misting systems. When you want to entertain outdoors, you do not want the irritation of bothersome mosquitoes, wasps, moths and other insects. Tiki torches and citronella candles can be inconvenient and release an unslightly odor. Outdoor misting systems produce the fine mist that repel these pesky insects away from your patio and garden. Odors, smoke and dust are also decreased from the present up fine mist going through the air, keeping it clean of pollutants.

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