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Stay Cool In Summer With An Outdoor Misting System

There are a number of ways to beat the heat through the summer months. Most people make the decision to do so by staying indoors and turning on the air conditioner. Although the air conditioner will give you a cool climate to enjoy it is not a particularly healthy way to spend the summer nor is it an energy efficient way to keep cool.
Fortunately there are other options available to you and one of them involves cooling the outdoors in a low cost fashion that is also energy efficient. The system is known as an outdoor misting system and it has proven to be very effective in commercial operations. It has only really been in recent years that the system has been adapted for domestic use and while there are still a few teething problems, overall the system has proven to be a great asset to those who like entertaining outdoors.
The system works by connecting a water line to the house water supply and stringing this water line at a height over 10 feet off the ground or more. The reason to position the line at this height is to ensure a coverage area of as far as possible. You would install the system around the perimeter of whatever area you wish to keep cool. This may be the patio, a backyard pergola or the pool area.
At regular intervals along the water pipe are misting nozzles . These nozzles may be made of plastic, brass or stainless steel and ceramic. These nozzles are the important parts of the system and should be kept in perfect working order. Nozzles with the smallest holes are capable of producing water droplets that are less than 10 microns in size. A regular sized water droplet is around 200 microns big.
Due to the small size of the water droplets, when they escape through the misting nozzles they go through a process called flash evaporation. This means they vaporize very quickly and the heat in the air is quickly replaced by cool air. The result is a cooling effect which can lower the air temperature by as much as 30 degrees although the system works better in conditions of lower humidity.
Although misting systems use water to provide the cooling effect the amount of water being used is actually quite small. Depending on the water pressure and the size of the misting nozzles in use, you can expect to use less than a gallon of water per hour for each nozzle that is in use.
An outdoor misting system is a low-cost, low energy way of cooling a significant part of your house in the summer months. It provides you with an entertaining area that becomes a cool haven of comfort in temperatures where others will be battling to stay cool.


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