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How to Install an Outdoor Cooling Mist System

If you live in a hot climate, a misting system for your porch or patio can give you back months of summertime outdoor relaxation that would otherwise be stolen by the heat. These systems can reduce the ambient temperature by up to 30 degrees. Kits are available from several manufacturers and are relatively easy to install. In no time at all you can claim back your outdoor space and enjoy the pleasures of summertime again.


1. Place the pump on a flat surface that is close to both a power outlet and a hose spigot.
2. Put each mist nozzle/body assembly together. Different brands have slightly different equipment, so follow the directions. Wrap any threaded connections with Teflon tape to help prevent leaks.
3. Cut the tubing into pieces. These pieces, usually between 18 and 24 inches long each, will go in between the nozzle assemblies. Leave enough tubing uncut to reach from the pump to the first nozzle assembly.
4. Connect the nozzle assemblies and the tubing into one long chain. Many kits come with special angle pieces which make turning sharp corners easy. Do not add the end plug yet.
5. Hang the tubing from the ceiling or roof overhang. Your kit should come with hanging hardware, often similar to the nail-in clips that are used to secure coaxial cable.
6. Turn on the pump and flush out the system. This will clear out any dust and dirt through the unplugged end. Turn off the pump after a couple of minutes.
7. Secure the plug onto the end of the tube opposite of the pump.
8. Turn the pump back on and enjoy the mist.

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