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Mosquito Misting & Fogging Systems

Mosquitoes often put a damper on any outdoor activity, especially in the hotter summer months when they are more prevalent. Not only do they cause itching and discomfort, they can also carry diseases. To control mosquitoes, people tend to rely on products that can be worn, burned, sprayed or misted over a larger area.
Worldwide there are over 2,500 species of mosquitoes, 200 of which are in the United States. Seventy-seven different species are found in Florida alone. They not only attack humans but also animals, which can lead to a loss in weight and milk production. Mosquito bites can be annoying, but they can also spread diseases like malaria and the West Nile Virus. Humans must play defense in everything from how they dress to what types of repellents they use.
A mosquito mister is a system set up outdoors to intermittently spray a fine mist of pesticide in a certain area to kill mosquitoes and other insects. Spray nozzles deliver the mist from tubing connected to the pesticide. These are operated by a timer, a remote or a switch
Typically pyrethrins and permethrin are used as the pesticide, but some minimal-risk pesticides might also be used. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) might not regulate these alternative pesticides, but states can. Always check first to make sure you follow requirements and heed any warnings that come with a pesticide.
Another form of outdoor pest control is the fogger, which is best used where the bug population is more severe. A fogger is a more temporary form of protection and comes in both thermal and cold forms. The thermal fogger will release pesticide as a fog or smoke as the coils warm up, and is used only outdoors. The cold fogger does not require the insecticide to burn. It is considered cleaner and can be used indoors or outdoors.
The EPA determined that approved pesticides pose little threat to humans and pets after long-term exposure so long as the product's label instructions are followed precisely. Excessive use or accidents still pose risk as no pesticide can ever be considered 100-percent risk free. Additionally, pyrethrins and permethrin are toxic to all insects and, therefore, pose a threat to beneficial insects as well, including honeybees and butterflies.
Foggers can also be dangerous if used improperly. If too many foggers are used in one area, it can cause a buildup of vapors that can be ignited by any source of spark. The EPA recommends that any fogger be placed more than six feet from all ignition sources. To prevent illness from pesticide exposure, completely air out any area that has been fogged.


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