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How to Control Mosquitoes Around the House

Controlling mosquitoes around the house takes persistence. Mosquitoes around the house are pesky disease carrying bugs. Its almost impossible to get rid of all mosquitoes but they can be controlled.
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
Things You'll Need:

  • Persistence
  • spray
  • mint plants
  • Larvicide

1. Get rid of all standing water. Empty anything that has water in it. Recycle any cans laying around or old tires. Clean bird bath once a week or more often. If you have a bad mosquito problem, keep all water out of bird bath until mosquitoes are under control.
Wash pet bowl daily.
2. Look for unlikely places for water. Rake piles of leaves out so they can dry. Look for holes in trees. Clean gutters on house. Cut high weeds. Check flower pots. Tarps over grills will hold water. Inspect all outdoor furniture and garden statues for water. The drier the area the less mosquitoes.
3. Put up bat houses. Bat's are low to the ground feeders and can consume large amounts of mosquitoes.
4. Plant mint in the flower beds and around fences. Let the mint bloom. The flowers will attract dragonflies. Dragonflies eat mosquitoes.
5. Trim bushes back so the area underneath the bushes can dry. Inspect the yard closely for any moisture. Mosquitoes can find water and it only takes one teaspoon of water for a mosquito to lay it's larvae.
6. Keep swimming pool water circulating and treated. Stock fish ponds with fish that eat the mosquito larvae.
7. Spray underneath sheds using the directions on the spray. Use spray only as a last resort and always follow directions. Larvicides can be used in areas that stay wet and cannot be drained. Larvicides kill the mosquito larvae before it becomes a mosquito.
8. Call the county health department or mosquito prevention department about any drainage areas that may be hold water.
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