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How to Fog for Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are hungry insects. In the warm, moist summer months they are a near constant presence at outdoor activities. Their bites not only spread disease but usually leave large marks that take days to heal. Many people believe the only way to effectively control their numbers is to fog them out.

·  Purchase a jug of mosquito fog at your local home and garden store. These come in different sizes from a half gallon to several gallons. The size of your yard and the severity of your infestation will dictate the amount of spray you will need to take care of this problem.

·  Buy or rent a sprayer. Most home and garden stores and many hardware stores have this equipment available. If you foresee fogging mosquitoes to be a regular event, it may be best to buy. If you are planning on only fogging once, renting the equipment is advisable.

·  Follow the directions on the packaging and mix the fog accordingly. Some brands require you mix the fog with a specific amount of water, while others have the mix perfected when you buy. Pour the prepared mix into the spray to begin fogging. Always wear safety gloves and a mask when fogging.

·  Fog around the point where you believe the mosquitoes are at that their worst. Apply a generous amount of fog to this area. Normally, they frequent heavily grassed and wooded areas.

·  Move away from the starting area in one direction. Only fog when there is little to no wind and always walk backward into the wind so the target area is always being fogged. This method should eliminate most of your mosquito problem.

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