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What Are Misting Nozzles?

Misting fans are valuable pieces of equipment that come in very handy in greenhouses and other horticultural set ups. They are also used for evaporative cooling, livestock cooling, dampening down dust and for concrete curing. They are also very handy for use with outdoor misting fans to cool people during sporting events or while at work in the summer heat. They work by sending fine mists of water through nozzles set up to spray into the path of a fan, the misted water then is then directed onto whatever is placed in its path.
An essential part of any misting fan is the misting nozzle through which the water is pumped. These misting nozzles can be removed and replaced if they are broken or if they become clogged and are available in various sizes, angle ranges and can operate at different PSI levels ranging from 30-250.
Brass Misting Nozzle
Depending on how strong you need the cooling or misting effect to take place will determine the amount of water you will need to be passing through the misting nozzle. You may also have a range of different uses for your misting fan.
The fan may be required for a fine mist inside a greenhouse so that the conditions become more humid and then there may be a requirement for the fan to be used outdoors where it will act as a cooling device. In this case the level of water to be sprayed will be much greater. In this instance you may replace the misting nozzles capable of delivering the water at 29 PSI with nozzles that have a capacity of 130 PSI.
Misting nozzles are not only required for industrial type jobs. The fog that is produced as a special effect on stage at the theatre is done though these misting nozzles at their finest setting.
One of the problems you may encounter when using misting nozzles is that the orifices through which the water passes are very fine and can easily become clogged. Each misting nozzle has a filtration system to catch fine particles, filtering them out down to a size of 5 microns. The better misting nozzles might even come with a double filter system where the first filter will remove particles down to 5 microns in size and the second will filter down to 1 micron.
Misting nozzles are usually very low maintenance items that rarely need to be attended to. You may have to check them for possible clogging once or twice a year. Cleaning them every so often can avert any potential clogging problems.
In order to achieve evaporative cooling without wetting the bodies that are in the misting fan’s path you need high pressure pumps and very small openings in your misting nozzles. Forcing water through these very fine openings creates a micro-fine fog that quickly evaporates into the air. The higher end misting fans and systems are capable of producing these non-wetting fogs and the nozzles that come with them will be of a superior quality too.
It is always a good idea to have a few spare misting nozzles on hand in case something happens to the originals. If you live in an area that is notorious for water that is less than clean then you are going to have problems with your misting nozzles more often than what would be considered normal.

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